Asthma: a reminder for a holiday with peace of mind

Asthma: a reminder for a holiday with peace of mind

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You go on vacation with your apprentice globetrotting and it is not his asthma that will stop you! You have chosen a destination where he can breathe at his ease. So before packing your bags, here are some tips for a relaxed and successful vacation.

Before leaving

  • Do not forget to have it checked asthma your little tip by the doctor.
  • If you go abroad: remember to bring a sufficient amount of medication, as well as the necessary medications in case of crisis.
  • Take your doctor's prescription and the packaging of medicines. They contain useful information if you consult a doctor who does not speak French.
  • If you use an electric nebulizer, be sure to check that its voltage corresponds to that of the country visited.
  • Check translation foods your child is allergic to.
  • If he is allergic to dust or dust mites, do not hesitate to bring his anti-dust mite cover.

During the trip

  • Keep an emergency kit on you.
  • If you're flying, it's essential to keep the aerosols in the cabin baggage. The depressurization of the luggage compartment can empty them.
  • Do not let the dosing sprays in a closed car in full sun.

On the spot

  • Even if your child's condition is improved by the climate of relaxation and rest of the holidays, no question of stopping his long-term treatment!
  • Wherever you go, beaches, excursions, hikes ... remember to always have the emergency kit on you.

Frédérique Odasso