10 unspoken thoughts that I had at the birth of baby

10 unspoken thoughts that I had at the birth of baby

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That's it, the big meeting with baby took place ... A magic moment? Yes, but that does not prevent to have some unavowable thoughts!

1. Never again!

  • When the delivery was really long and painful, the idea of ​​never having other children can cross the mind, even before having baby in his arms! Too bad for the myth of "the most beautiful day of my life".

2. Thin, it's a boy (or a girl).

  • You wanted to keep the surprise to the end. So, you learn the sex of your child on the day of the birth ... And there, it is not the one that you hoped for. Do not feel guilty if you are a little disappointed at the moment: it is perfectly normal and your disappointment will be quickly forgotten.

3. Whew, he does not look like his grandfather at all!

  • Admittedly, it's not very nice for grandpa, but you were afraid that baby inherits his nasal divi diverted sharply, his ears off and his eyebrows very bushy ... At first, you're a little wanted to to have thought that. But still, you are well relieved!

4. Thin, he inherited from his father's nose!

  • You love your spouse tenderly: that his nose is much larger than the average does not change anything (which has no defect?). But to choose, you would have preferred that your boy or your girl is rather born with "your" nose ... Too bad, it is not so serious!

5. Help, why is he so hairy?

  • Surprise: baby's skin is covered with down, especially on the back, forehead and shoulders! At the moment, it's funny, especially with a little girl. But rest assured: this has nothing to do with hyperpilosity and even less with hirsutism (presence of hair in areas usually hairless women). It is simply lanugo, a down that protects the fetus from the third month of pregnancy. It will disappear by itself in the weeks or months following the birth.

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